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  • Does Dry Shampoo Damage Hair?

    Despite its impressive hair-saving history, rumors have been swirling about the potential danger dry shampoo poses to our hair. After some extensive digging, I found that it all boils down to appropriate use. The reasons dry shampoo is actually bad are avoidable when you follow the instructions and don't overuse.
  • No Time To Shower With Newborn? Try these tips!

    Children are beautiful gifts from above, life's greatest blessing, blah blah - all that good stuff; however, they are not in any way conducive to our cleanliness. The secret to staying clean while taking care of a baby has been right under your nose this entire time (no, it's not the spit-up you forgot to clean off).
  • No Time To Shower Post-Workout? Try These 4 Solutions!

    What do you do when there's no time to shower after a sweaty workout? Attain your fitness goals plus save a ton of time in your day and space in your gym bag with these tricks to discreet body wipes and hair products - No shower required! It's about time you started living your best life.
  • How To Get a Comfortable Shaving Experience

    There's so many shaving gels, creams, and foams to choose from - So how do you know what's right for you? As it turns out, you never have to worry about razor burn, bumps, ingrown hairs, or irritation ever again! Here's everything you need to know about what makes shaving gel the best choice, including what it does for your skin, how to use it appropriately, and how it's different from foams and creams.

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