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Refreshing Face and Body Wipes: What You Didn't Know!

Whether it's by choice or not, sometimes (even in this modern age) we find ourselves without a shower for a few days. All it takes is a weekend camping trip, a new baby, or utter laziness to remind us how luxurious a hot shower truly is.

I know from personal experience that there's nothing better than getting clean after being gross for a few days, or even just a long day. I can recount many scorching summer days where I could've used six showers in a single afternoon. Whether I was a sweaty mess, sticky with bug spray, reeking of margaritas, or covered in BBQ sauce, I knew the only cure was hot water and soap - or so I thought.

As it turns out, body wipes would be my saving grace when I needed to freshen up without leaving the party. I get it - you’re probably thinking this all sounds too good to be true, but the reality is that you really can have the best of both worlds. Read on to discover how body wipes can swoop in and save you on showerless days so you can be, in the wise words of OutKast, “so fresh and so clean.”

Does Wiping Off Sweat Cool The Body?

Believe it or not, sweat doesn't just appear to ruin our day - it actually serves an essential role in our ability to cool down efficiently.
Whether you've just finished running a marathon or you're about to go on a first date with your new (hot) Hinge match, sweat shows up with the good intention of helping you keep your cool. Unfortunately, our body's effort to lower our core temperature can result in a soggy situation that's untimely, unwanted, and downright embarrassing.

However, without this rather unpleasant bodily function, our troubles would be much bigger. You see, without sweat, our body would simply overheat (possibly leading to heat stroke *gasp*), and that's not good for anybody.
I know, I know - you probably still think I'm crazy for praising our perspiration, but without it, you'd be red hot, and not in a good way. I mean, let’s face it, nobody’s going after you when you’re looking like an aggravated lobster.

You might be wondering how sweat leads to a calm, cool, and collected person. Well, sweat releases heat by evaporative cooling, so if you don't give the sweat a chance to evaporate off your skin, then you don't cool down quickly. I won’t bore you with an in-depth look at the physics of it all, but it’s pretty hard to argue with proven science.

That being said, if you're totally drenched and dripping, the sweat doesn't have a chance to evaporate anyway so you might as well grab a body wipe and call it a day.

How to use Face Wipes and Wet Wipes?

Can You Use Face Wipes On Your Body?

Short answer: Yes.

Face wipes are safe for use on your entire body, but they won't exactly make you shower fresh because they're, well, for your face. Makes sense, right?
If you’re super dirty, I’d suggest hitting the showers because these delicate face wipes won’t cut it. They’re specially formulated to gently remove dirt and makeup from your pores, not to clean up after your Fourth of July weekend bender.

They will, however, be useful in combating body breakouts! So go ahead and use them in the (hopefully) occasional reality that you need an instant cleanse sans water and don’t have actual body wipes on hand.

Can You Use Wet Wipes On Your Body?

Although some wet wipes aren't explicitly formulated for full body use the way that body wipes are, there's usually very little harm in using them to tidy up when you're in a bind.

I keep wet wipes in my car as an extra precaution and always use them on my hands after pumping gas. They also come in handy (pun intended) when I have a particularly messy lunch or on the days I forget to put on deodorant. I’ve been (not-so-secretly) using wet wipes on my body for years and I’ve yet to hear any complaints, so I must be doing something right!

Just make sure to look for brands that are safe for use on skin; unless there are some sketchy household cleaning agents in them, you'll be just fine.

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