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  • The Gigantic Body Wipes for a pocket-sized shower!

    Whether I had just worked out, survived a sweaty commute, or was traveling, I always found myself wishing for a way to freshen up quickly on the go without the hassle of a shower. Feeling this way, and finding out that others felt the same, inspired our new Gigantic Body Wipes line! Our Gigantic Body Wipes are 3x as big and 2x as thick as a baby wipe - so that you can get clean from head to toe with just one wipe!
  • No Time To Shower, I Slept Through My Alarm!

    I think we can all agree that one of the worst feelings is waking up in a total panic because you know you are way, way, way late. And in the process, you’ve slept away your precious shower time. Read on for tips on how to be prepared for these rushed situations with essentials like body wipes, face wipes, dry shampoo, and more!
  • Refreshing Face and Body Wipes: What You Didn't Know!

    With summer heating up, many of us are just now remembering the constant sweatiness that comes with subway commutes and broken A/C units - as well as all of the fun summer activities! - that we conveniently forget every winter. Enter: body wipes. Your new secret to feeling refreshed on even the hottest of summer days!

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