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  • No Time To Shower With Newborn? Try these tips!

    Children are beautiful gifts from above, life's greatest blessing, blah blah - all that good stuff; however, they are not in any way conducive to our cleanliness. The secret to staying clean while taking care of a baby has been right under your nose this entire time (no, it's not the spit-up you forgot to clean off).
  • What's the Most Important in Life to Be Happy?

    There’s no doubt that life in 2019 is busier than ever. Between smartphones buzzing with responsibilities every 30 seconds and side hustles abound, many people are feeling the burnout hard. But is there a way to have a happy busy life? We investigated what the top five factors influencing happiness are.
  • My Secrets to Looking Good After 3 Layovers

    Have you ever seen fellow passengers getting off the plane looking as chic as when they got on and wondered - how?! Not to mention that TSA took away your favorite beauty products. We have all the best tips for what to do before, during, and after your flight to make sure you start your trip looking and feeling your best!

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