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Busy Beauty x Simply the Basics

Busy Beauty is honored to support people in need through the nonprofit Simply the Basics, the United State’s first full-scale nationwide hygiene bank. Simply the Basic’s nationwide hygiene product donation network provides people in need with personal care necessities, such as toothbrushes, menstrual products, and deodorant.

Simply the Basics reports from a recent survey that:

- 67% of homeless reported one or more preventable health conditions, and

- 34% reported that this health condition made it difficult for them to keep a job, maintain relationships, or to handle basic activities of daily living.

At Busy Beauty, we believe that everyone has the right to personal hygiene, and access to personal hygiene is crucial for preventing many diseases that people in need face. That’s why for every order* placed on this website, we are proud to donate five body wipes to Simply the Basic’s hygiene bank! Thank you for helping us make people in need’s lives just a little bit easier. We’re so grateful for your help.

*An eligible order must be $10 or more.

Simply the Basics Mission Statement

The Mission of Simply the Basics is to provide for individuals, organizations, and communities their most basic needs with dignity so that they can focus on bigger goals. We simply remove barriers, allowing people to have the opportunity to achieve.

Simply the Basics Values

To improve the overall health and wellbeing of the low income community, people at risk of losing their homes, and people experiencing homelessness. To save nonprofits time and resources by managing, securing, and redistributing their in-kind and hygiene related needs, allowing them to focus their time on clients and their Mission.

Busy Beauty and Simply The Basics Partnership
Busy Beauty and Simply The Basics Partnership
Busy Beauty and Simply The Basics Partnership