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Gigantic Body Wipes

Gigantic Body Wipes

    What makes these wipes so special?

    • ❤ 3x bigger & 2x thicker than a baby wipe
    • ❤ Has antibacterial peppermint oil & tea tree oil
    • ❤ Individually wrapped for on-the-go

Select your wipe:

kiwano start fruitDandelion DragonPeppermint pomelo
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Only one wipe needed 

for your whole body!

Hit the snooze button. Get in that extra workout. Play sports. Travel the world. 

Have any night be date night. Go camping. Survive your commute. 

...No shower required.




Brand Paper 



Three unique scents! 

Peppermint Pomelo: 

clean peppermint, citrus & chamomile scent

Kiwano Starfruit: 

refreshing lemongrass & aloe scent

Dandelion Dragon:

sweet, tropical scent with a hint of cinnamon

All the benefits!

Sensitive Skin Safe

No Parabens

Totally Vegan

Cruelty Free

Super thick &

 incredibly strong

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